How to Make a Dopp Kit for Your Dapper Dude

You know we’re all about organizing our own beauty essentials, but what about the dudes in our lives? They need a stylish way to carry their toiletries as well. We teamed up with Velcro Industries and JoAnn Fabrics to bring you a next level sewing project: a dopp kit for your dude. This is definitely a step or two above Sewing 101, and is a great way to challenge yourself in that department. We got everything we need at JoAnn’s, making this an easy go-to gift that you should definitely bookmark for the holidays. Materials :

Vendors From Above

Standing amid the bustling streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter is one of my fondest memories of Vietnam. Your senses are abuzz – and that’s not just the Vietnamese coffee kicking in. The smells from street food and the sounds of vendors is awakening. And bicycle after bicycle, packed high with flowers, vegetables and fruit, are like explosions of color whizzing by. It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience, which is why I absolutely love this series of bicycle vendors from above, photographed by Loes Heerink. The photographer posts up on different bridges around Hanoi to capture the vendors as they ride beneath her. Although there’s no shortage of bicycle vendors, you can imagine how much patience it requires to capture the right shot. Can you imagine toting around all of that beautiful cargo on a single bike?! Amazing.

(via My Modern Met; check out Loes Heerink‘s Kickstarter campaign here)
by Erica in Art

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